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The Best Martial Arts Classes in Pilot Point and Aubrey TX


Tactical Krav Maga

Our Martial Arts programs for teens teaches everything from traditional to modern martial arts in a safe and fun environment. Practicing concepts that build physical fitness, situational awareness, self-confidence, esteem, self-defense and much more.

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Tactical Krav Maga

At Tactical Krav Maga, our Adult Krav Maga program will give you tools and direction to make you a machine in the game of life. You will walk with confidence knowing that you can defend yourself and your family. Nobody will want to confront you.

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Tactical Krav Maga self defense

At Tactical Krav Maga, our Self-Defense Courses will give you the skills to handle any situation. Teaching physical fitness, self-defense, and building self-confidence, we will prepare you for this ever-changing world. You will never be a victim again.

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3 Day Trial
with Free training gloves for $24.97

Tactical Krav Maga
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Pilot Point and Aubrey TX


At Tactical Krav Maga our professional Instructors are ready to serve our community from karate kids to adults. We strive to make your martial arts class a personalized experience as we realize many of our students have enrolled for multiple reasons. If you live near or around Pilot Point and Aubrey TX please give us a call or complete any form on this site to receive your website special offer. Our program directors and Martial Arts instructors will reach out to you and schedule your first lesson and offer a tour of our academy.

Learn Valuable Life Skills

Self-Confidence and higher self-esteem will come as you face the challenges of martial arts training.

Increase Your Fitness

You will increase your strength and endurance through martial arts training. The cardio benefits will have your fitness level on the rise.

Make New Friends

The challenges that you will go through with your fellow martial arts students will create bonds that last a lifetime.

Learn To Defend Yourself

Learn to walk with confidence knowing that you can defend yourself in whatever situation that life presents you with.

Let our team of Instructors show you how we can help!

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  • As a CEO, I wanted something better in life, but had no idea what and NO idea how to get it. I also had no idea how much my life could change for the better until now. My entire LIFE changed. I'm far more healthy, far more driven, my employees LOVE being around me now and look to me as a true leader. This was my best decision ever.

  • I THOUGHT I was only signing up for Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense. His teaching in that alone was worth the cost. He came in, gave myself AND my teens such a direction and plan for life, that I know I will never have to worry about their safety OR what we all plan to do with our lives - professionally, financially, and otherwise - PERIOD.

  • The year I started training privately with Tactical Krav Maga was the best year I had in business with the most amazing health and goal crushing results in ALL areas of my life.

Tactical Krav Maga Review and Testimonial System

Thank you for visiting our website. Please leave us a Review and Testimonial and tell us how much you enjoy our programs. Our goal is to serve our students with the highest quality training and facilities in Pilot Point and Aubrey TX. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Students Love Martial Arts Classes at Tactical Krav Maga!

Always Do Your Best

We are excited to meet your family. Martial Arts can help your children develop life-long skills that will benefit them at home, in school with better grades, and in everyday life with enhanced courtesy and respect. We are VERY proud of how our krav maga kids excel in the community after just a short time of being a martial art student. Click the “Learn More” button below and select a program that best fits your needs.

Martial Arts Kids in the community

Our students are becoming leaders within the community daily.

Martial Arts Class For School

Martial Arts classes that help children in school academically and socially.

Self-Defense Skills

Learning safety skillsets that will help them in that time of need.

Respect, Courtesy, Self-Discipline

Life skills that last a lifetime are taught within our martial arts academy.

Self-Defense Courses at Tactical Krav Maga!

No one should ever become a target or victim in life, though unfortunately for most of us, it is almost inevitable to occur in some form at some point. Tactical Krav Maga takes bullying very seriously and stands up to protect youth within the community. Martial Arts students learn to stand up for themselves and others, to stand firm and proud!


Adult Krav Maga Classes at Tactical Krav Maga!

Our Krav Maga classes for adults are Top Notch. Our Instructors are actively involved with each student and the benefits our program has on and off the mat. From safely taught self-defense skills to physical fitness our adult program delivers real world results for this ever-changing world. Our community members in Pilot Point and Aubrey TX love the classes and what we have to offer for our student base and their families.

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Tactical KM Professor, Madrik Clay

Meet Tactical Krav Maga Founder

Tactical KM Professor, Madrik Clay

Don’t be fooled into thinking that I am here to just teach you flashy ways to defend yourself or merely put you in better shape…

My goal is to impact your life by showing you what you can do, give you tools and direction that will make you a machine in the game of life, and to make you so confident and dangerous in a moment of attack, that nobody will want to even CONSIDER trying to touch you.

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